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Kate was in the jungle she was lost and scared then a giant slug came out and blast her to sleep.

he put his mouth over her head & he swallowed her more rapidly , engulfing her down to her breasts in seconds.
Still as limp as before, she just slid down the slugs throat lifelessly.
he. swallowed again vigorously, taking her in up to her waist.

The sound of her cracked ribs could be heard as he swallowed her even more.
he gulped again, this time going past her knees.
Limp and lifeless, she slid down even further into a silce abyss.
he swallowed again, taking the remaining portion of Kate's legs into his wet gullet.

Kate was now in his body, no one would ever find what happened to her.
While she disappeared, only he would know what had happened. "to a misfortunate girl that came to be eating by a slug. "With him only having this knowledge, it truly was through that she lost her life and was never found again
it a small idea
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January 11, 2013
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