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little raven was walking in the woods as she look at the roseie she was happy to be alone.
'meanwhile kaa was happy that this child was alone he move his coilright in front of her face,  'hu what this hmm maybe i can swing on it.
raven begin to swing on it but it coil her in a flash it took her into the tree.

'HEY WHERE AM I LET ME GO. 'she srceam,  'no i wont little 1 now what your name?'
'am raven am just here to have fun,  'oh it nice to met you now tickle tickle,
kaa stared to tickle her.  'ehehehehehehahahahahaahhehehehe stop henjhe what are you doing to heheheheme,  'oh i just want to play with you is that all right with you hmm.
heheheehhahahahaha sure just hehehehee stop.

kaa stop in a instanted kaa staed to yoyo her she went up&down up&down up& down then he spine her like a top 4 an hour until she was dizey.
.huu wow that was fuunn what should we do next.  'hmm let met think let me think.
,kaa was haveing soo muct fun but his belly stared to gumbler it was time her dinner.

raven look into my eyes.  'ok sure hey they changeingg.  'in a instanted raven was mizermezed by his spiral eyes she stare and stared and then derp to sleep,
raven remove your outfit now it time to have  really fun . 'ehehehisss kaa hissed evilly.
raven did as she was told then kaa stared to coil her complepletly  he  sqeeze raven so hard that she couldint breath she just faint,

Kaa licked at the cub's face. Her taste was delicious! Kaa finally removed a few coils, leaving only two to pin her arms and legs. "It was nice meeting you, raven." He said. The girl's grin just widened, even after that mouth opened for her. Kaa let his jaw unhinge, making some popping sounds. He took the girl's head into his mouth, not much work. Kaa was so big, there will be no problem swallowing this girlcub down. He licked all over the girl's head, matting her purple hair down. All the while, racen just stared into the pink, warm mouth until it got dark. It felt comfortable though, warm, wet but inviting. Kaa worked over the girl's neck, shoulders, slowly swallowing her. The cub made a small lump in the serpent's throat. raven could only see darkness now, still it was nice. It was like slipping into a warm wet hamick that wrapped her up.
Kaa moved her slowly out of the water and onto the shore, resuming his slow swallows. He was slowly working over her shoulders, chest and then down to her stomach, removing his coils sense the girl was not waking up from the trance anytime soon. raven was half inside and her arms pinned by her friend's body. Kaa continued to swallow. There was no hope if help didn't come soon. Slowly Kaa swallowed again, sending the girl's stomach to join his body.
He felt the slight wiggles and guessed the cub was just trying to get comfortable. He worked slowly over the little rump, theighs and slowly her legs were swallowed. Her little wiggling knees and feet stuck cutely out of his mouth. Kaa tilted himself back. He let gravity with the girl, rehinging his jaws that cut off any hope of the girl even attempting to escape. Finally he swallowed her knees and then last his feet.

raven was no more then a human shaped bulge traveling down his throat and stopping at his stomach to be digested. raven was nothing but snake food now. Kaa patted the lump that wiggled happily in his belly. "You were tassty, raven now goodbyeeeesss . Kaa just patted his belly with his tail." He licks his maw at the remaining taste of raven.. The lump finally stopped wiggling, giving into the darkness.
the end
kaa had fun but all fun must come to an end wahahahahaha
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January 16, 2012
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