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it was cold in wet in the jungle,  '3 little girls  and a lady
get lost there names are.
'bianca raven Alex  and Jess they were friends for 4 years,
'they came to India on a trip they won
so they came here with there baby sitter Jess,
'Jess where are ?. 'i i don't know bianca just be patient.
'yeah bianca can you be patient
i mean how doe it take to read a map,  
'Jess are you sure we are not lost i mean are we?.
'raven we are not lost look ill search 4 a
way out OK.

'as she walk away kaa the hungry snake spotted her from a tree,
'hehehe nice and tall mm mm.
'as she walk she felt that she being watch by
something in the trees then she sate down.
'hello there girl are you lost?.
'yes i am so lost can you help me
'but then she saw a large snake
she was about to scream then he wrap his coils
around her mouth and stared to hypnotize her
.listen to me ill take you to a place
where we can be alone and i know a place
where you can sleep too.
'but what about the girls they need me.  
'yes but ill take care of them
you just follow me OK my snack'

. Kaa smirks, uncoiling and slowly moving away from Jess.
'Jess  continued on. Getting farther and farther from the girls.

Kaa led Jess to a soft patch of grass with some flowers around. she moved to sit down and grins happily. It was nice. "I have a nicer place to ssssleep... but first you need to trussst me.." Kaa whispers, getting the lady's attention and receiving a nod and a curious face. "Trussst me and clossse your eyesss. It'll be a great place."

she agreed to trust the snake which was a mistake. She closed her eyes and felt something wet and tight around his face but she didn't open her eyes. She trusted Kaa and was sure somehow Kaa was helping her out.
Kaa opened his maw and took in the lady's head the moment She agreed that she would trust Kaa. Well Kaa wasn't entirely lying. He has a place where Jess could sleep. But not the place the lady believed to be the best. He gently moved the lady some so she was laying down and Kaa resumed swallowing her whole. Swallowing slowly over her shoulders, down her arms and chest to her stomach. All the while the lady lay there, not knowing she was being eaten alive.
Kaa swallows down her stomach and down her legs to her feet. He gave the the ankles one little lick before he swallowed and watched the lady slide to her awaiting stomach.
The snake grins. "Sssee? Its a nice place isn't it? Sssleep."
The lady let out a okay that was almost to muffled to hear. Kaa was not full yet

.so he follow the scent of the 3 helpless little girls,
.meanwhile bianca was getting worry,  'where Jess she should had find help am going to look 4 her.  'bianca you cant we have to stay to together,  'but as bianca walk away kaa
saw the girls but where the 3rd 1 all will it didint mater as long he can eat.

.Kaa found two cubs sitting down on a log. to girls. They smiled and talked about the flowers that grew near them and how sweet they are. Kaa moved toward them and moved up, whispering to them in his almost melodic hissing voice. "You are so cute ."

The two turn there attention to the large snake and once they did they saw a mixture of green, yellow, blue... many colors that reflected in their eyes and as the snake moves his head from side to side they couldn't help but follow the colors. "Ye..yes...?" They whisper in reply.

"I'm hungry  I would love to have a tasty treat.. or two. If that isss okay?" He hisses softly.

The two children couldn't help but nod. Their young minds were lost in a sea of colors. Not knowing how much danger they were in. They were at the snake's mercy.

"That'sss good.." He said as they smiled at the snake even when his colored eyes went to their dark gold color. Kaa snickered softly and looks around, seeing no one around before turning his head back. He looks at the cloths and didn't want them removed. They won't be that hard to digest after all.

Kaa moves to the girl. "Can you lay down. The grasss isss soft... Letsss all lay down and lay ssstraight..." He watches as raven and Alex  lay down, still smiling like this was a nice dream. Kaa moves to alex head. He opens his mouth and his jaw unhinges, moving to alex's head and taking her head inside of his mouth, moving over her small body with ease. Kaa moves past her neck and shoulders before the first swallow. He swallows her head down into his long throat, a little bulge of her head shows on his brown and green scales. He swallows her shoulders next, working his way down toward her chest and stomach.

She felt the comforting tightness around her. The wetness around her made her feel like she was in a wet and warm sleeping bag. She tried to breathe best she can and just thought it was just her. She didn't have any idea where she was and where she was really heading. She felt some pressure as she seemed to slide within this long tight sleeping bag.

Kaa worked his way past her stomach and lifted himself up so he legs would be up in the air, helping him swallow her tasty form quicker. He gently coils his tail around the boy, patting his head softly. 'Don't worry. Your turn is coming up.' He thought to himself just as her legs slid down into his hungry maw and into his throat. Her feet twitch some but were slowly taken into his maw and he swallows one last time before sealing the girl's fate to be his little snack  &Alex will never see her family ever again. "Mmmm she tasssted like mango." Kaa whispers, hearing little raven laugh softly like it was a joke.

The girl felt the last of the jungle air around her feet before all of her was inside the sleeping bag. She tried to move some as she slid, showing some of her bulging form outside the snake that devoured her. She came to a stop and relaxed again sense it felt a little wider but the air she breathed was a bit bad. Not knowing she was really inside Kaa's belly that welcomed her.

Kaa now turned his attention to raven that was smiling at Kaa in his coils. "Mmm your turn. You can sssleep. Would that be nice?" He asked and raven nodded her head, closing her eyes and within moments she was asleep in Kaa's coils. "Cute little cubsss that man have..." He moves to the girl's feet, taking off the sandles with his teeth. Kaa moved to the feet and opened his mouth again, jaw still unhinged and he took her feet into his warm and wet maw, taking off a coil as he moves up her legs and swallowing, beginning his second meal. He works his way up past his legs and to his stomach where he gently swallowed again, being careful not to wake the boy from his dream land. But continued still, taking in his arms and consuming him to his chest.

raven believed she was in some sort of warm water tube and was slowly going down. It caused another little smile on her face and even a giggle. Sure it was a little tight but it felt warm and inviting. Her legs, stomach, arms and chest were brought into the tube and slowly her head was brought inside the tube and with some pressure she went inside the tube and though he could hardly breathe, she didn't awaken from her nice dream. Even when she came to a stop her dreams led her elsewhere.

Kaa swallowed the girl's head and sent her down to meet her babysitter and friend again. He looks at the small bulges and grins some. "Both tasted like sweet.".

His stomach was happy for thee  new meals. It was strange Jess said they were 3 girls not too Kaa continued to move along,  
being a bit slower due to not wanting to get a stomach ache from moving to fast.

.but what kaa didint know that Bianca saw the whole thing she wanted to save them so she ran to kaa.  'but kaa saw her and he had idea he stare deep into her eyes and said stop.
'as bianca ran she stare into his eyes she became sleepy then she stop running.

'you girl be my slave and when am hungry again ill eat you would you like that my pretty
,"bianca try not to listen but the colors are strong she couldn't move,  'ohh yess my masterss i would love to be your meal.  , bianca belong to kaa ,  the villagers could not fined the missing children so they give-up on finding them. 'and bianca will she was nothing but a snack 4 kaa
4 girls get lost and kaa get a free lunch

i give credit to [link]

4 letting me use the vore parts he a good friend i hope he enjoy this story's
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TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner Edited May 18, 2015
A cool story!I liked that all Kaa´s preys gone without suffer.  8-)
mewt66 Featured By Owner May 19, 2015  Professional Artist
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
 Yeah.  :aww:
mewt66 Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Professional Artist
do you take request
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner May 20, 2015
 With Kaa eating some other girl?Sounds like cool. 8-)
mewt66 Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Professional Artist
no  i was thinking if you can draw my oc

here…  raven.carry.g
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner May 22, 2015
Sorry,unfortunately I don´t know draw. :raincloud:  I only write fanfics,and all pics that are on my gallery are commissions or so,are gifts that were by DA members that read my stories and liked some character.  :greetings:
mewt66 Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Professional Artist
then how about  a story   about raven.carry.g being fine by kaa, and she lost she 16.
for a while kaa grain her trust by playing games

at first kaa see her as a meal but later they bond,

like a father bond or something.

then this other snake zaa  attack raven and kaa come to save her .

so can you write that?
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