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"Great ino I told you to take the other path and not this one"sakura said."Aw come on and shut up.This map is kinda difficult to read"ino said.  'girls are we lost i mean really lost? hinata was a little scared.

ino hinata and sakura and  went swimming.After they wanted change their clothes the monkeys has stolen their clothes leaving only their map there.ino wore a bikini with black and white stripes. 'sakura wore a black bikini.   & hinata wear a pink bikini, 'Both sakura and ino  were really angry at the monkeys  and  hinata was will scare and they only had only had a  map they tried to find back their way to the village.

A pair of menacing eyes watched the girls from a nearby tree, hungry for the girls below. "Aw gimme that i had enough to be here in this stupid hot jungle"ino said annoyingly and grabbed the map. 'But sakura didn´t think about to give the map to her.
"No"she said and tried to pull the map to her.And then happens with a rip the map was in two parts. "Really great"ino said angry and threw the map on the ground. 'girls what are we going to do we are lost.  "I could help if you want........" a voice called out from the tree.  the 3 turned quickly around.

"Who said that?"both said.  "Up here in the tree" the voice replied "Show yourself right now"ino said brave."ino don´t be so brave you don´t know who it is in the tree"sakura said but she didn´t pay attention what she said. suddenly Kaa dropped in front of the 3 girls From shock the 3 took a step back from him. "Did you talk to us?"hinata asked.  
"no, I didn't" Kaa smirked sarcastically "So who then talk to us.ino knew that it was this snake that talk to them.

'And why in the heck can you was getting annoy by this snake.  'It´s not usual for animal that can talk You aren´t an ordinary, hinata was abet scare.

"Look into my eyessss and find out"  ino  shook first her head when she heard that they will find out when they will look in his eyes.Why should we...."were the last words from sakura  before the spirals caught her. "come closssser and sssssee, girl-cubssssss", swaying his head seductively  Now even hinata began to be mesmerized by the snake and the
girls obeyed and came closer to Kaa.

"ssssssssleep, little girl-cubssss, let your thoughtssss take flight"  The 3 obeyed and closed his eyes. A dreamily goofy smile spreaded over their faces. 'Kaa chuckled and smacked his lips "what are your namesssss, my petssssss?"  "ino  and sakura hinata "they said. "my name issss Kaa, but you can call me masssster  "Yes master"they called him for now.  "sstand up pleassse I want to look at you" "Yes Master"they said and obeyed. "hmmmmm deliciousssssssss" Kaa said, gleefully  "Thank you"the 3 said and blushed  

Kaa lowered his tail down in front of them "why don't you climb up here?" They smiled and climbed the tree.  "now, what would you like to do girl-cubss?"Kaa asked as the climbed the tree. 'The 3 haven´t any ideas what to do now."We don´t know master" "how about going into here?" Kaa said pointing at his open mouth with his tail  The 3 smiled mindless and mindlessly they would enter him.  'doessssn't that ssound like fun?"  The 3 nodded and smiled. "Yes master"the said.

Kaa chuckled evilly and began to coil around ino´s smile grew wider when Kaa decided to take her first. "You look very tasssssssty, ino" Kaa said pulling her close as his coils massaged her bikini clad body  ino moaned softly and blushed of his compliment."Thank you masster".  "tell me, what do you think of being swallowed by a giant sssssssnake?" "Hmm I don´t know master.I don´t really mind to get swallowed.

By now Kaa had coiled her from her ankles to her neck, massaging every inch of her body  "how would you like to be eaten my pet?"  "I want stay in the trance master" she ask."you sssssshal, asssss you drift down my gullet"  "Thank you massster"bianca said. 'Kaa opened his mouth wide, ready to swallow the unsuspecting girl-cub whole ino let Kaa swallow her.  Kaa was down to ino's waist in just 3 gulps as he quickly uncoiled her body. When ino half body entered his body she was still deeply under the trance.

Soon, nothing was left of ino except a large bulge in the snake's stomach  "Master do you will play with us or are one of us  be next tobe swallowed?" they asked happily in there mindless state.  "I ssssupposssssse I could play with you both a little, it'll give ino sssome time to make hersssssself at home in there"  "Great.What a game do you want play with us master?"they both asked curious.  "hhhhmmm, how would you like to walk on my coilsssssss?"

"Sounds good for a game master" they answered with a smile.  Kaa giggled and formed a staircase in front of them out of coils "are you ready?" "we are whenever   you are ready master"tthe to were falling into a trap but they did not know that. "good, then walk up the sssssstaircasssssse"  they both obeyed and walk the staircase up with there bare feet.
"Master you scales feel so good to my feet"    'yes there like pillows.they  said with a dreamy smile.

"thank you my little morssssels" kaa said as his coils led them into the darkest part of the tree.  'sakura´s  & hinata smiles  grew with every step wider and wider.And they didn´t have an idea that Kaa leaded them to the darkest place of the tree. 'The only light they could see in  apart of the tree was Kaa's yellow glowing eyes "we like that game master  dont we hinata.  'hinata just shake her head. "they  still smiling stupidly.  "I'm glad my little morssssssels" Kaa said as his coils moved downwards, forming a slide  

sakura and hinata took a step before there  whole bods slid down into too cocoons.  
"watch that firssssst sssstep. It'ssssss a doozy"  "Yes master"they replied and watch at the doozy. "your body's looksssss ssssso delicioussssssssssssssss"  sakura blushed about her master´s compliment.  'hinata just fall asleep, 'hmm it look like hinata is taking a nap ill save her for last. 'kaa put hinata in a bush like bed on top of the tree,

"Thank you master his is so cute from you"she giggled.  "i can't wait to feel you ssssliding down my throat"  "Do whatever your wish is master". 'Kaa smacked his lips and moved his head above her' "I think sakura needsssss sssssome company now" "Yeah bring me to my friend master" sakura smiled.  'Kaa opened his mouth wide, drool dripping onto sakura's sweet face  she giggled as drool dripping on her face. 'Slowly the snake's jaws descended around her head, imprisoning it in his tight maw.  "ino I am coming to you" sakura happily.  "To ssssstay forever......'' Kaa hissed pulling her further into his maw  "Yes to stay forever"sakura replied.

Kaa giggled as he reached sakura's ample chest she didn´t say a word she wanted be with her friend together.  With each swallow, she was getting more and more closer to being with her  sakura just waited when she could finally meet her in Kaa´s stomach. 'Soon Kaa had completely swallowed her, trapping both girls forever in his slimy gullet sakura sighed when she touched and meet her friend.

,hahahahaha those girls are foolss to trust me now time her dessert, 'kaa use his tail to get hinata, 'kaa lick his lips his jaws his teeth. 'ohh hinata time to say goodby to the world around you,  'yes master time for me to say goodby, "now look straight up and have a good time. "Kaa replied, opening his jaws as wide as he could right above hinata. "Yes, Master." she giggled softly and looked straight up obediently, 'her heart jump up down  happily her trances melted mind begging inwardly to be eaten by Master Kaa.

With hinata staring straight into his wet jaws, 'Kaa plunged down and once again began to eat the child Just as he dream, 'she was absolutely succulent Kaa wrapped a thick coil around her stomach and pushed her inward, 'forcing the little girl into his throat.  
.hinata squealed in delight as Master started to eat her up, loving every second not even twitching in resistance not even when she was wrapped and shoved in.

The serpent swallowed harder, 'shoving hinata even deeper into his gullet Saliva was dripping onto the ground, 'as well as soaking up the child's bikini Kaa was at her shoulders now, 'continuing to consume the ninja she closed her eyes, 'the hypnosis deep  showing the  signs that she will never awake. 'Kaa fed his stomach with hinata's own stomach as his lips met the girl's waist. Soon, 'the girl legs  would be slurped up along with the rest of her body.

hinata's  feet was slurped in like spaghetti and inside too' ,as she was swallowed she felt happy,  'Kaa finished off his meals by gobbling up the child's legs and closing his mouth shut. 'He looked down at the bulge in his belly, "3  very large but tight outline   girls have been made. 'The snake could see every little detail on the girls, 'the bulges was so tight. 'He giggled at how tasty the 3 had been and began rubbing his tummy, satisfied with his dinner.  'as they slept .he begin to digest them .the end
these 3 get vored
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Psi1 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
It feels like it is too short. It seems like the idea would work best if each of the girls were captured separately, and a large snake will go weeks if not months between meals.
mewt66 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Professional Artist
i did that 1 all ready here the link [link]
Coltsguy Featured By Owner May 3, 2012
Honestly, this is a pretty good story with really, REALLY, bad grammar. I may just fix this and repost it. Would you be ok with that, or would you rather not?
mewt66 Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Professional Artist
you can do it but remember give me credit
Coltsguy Featured By Owner May 4, 2012
Of course.
mewt66 Featured By Owner May 4, 2012  Professional Artist
cool goodluck
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