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for girls enter the jungle there names were bianca the leader..raven, .may, mary. .&alex, there were lost in the jungle & to keep them safe they dress up like animals.
bianca didint have to dress up she knew how to hide. ,raven was a monkey. .may was a bird. mary was a deer, .&alex was a leopard, .bianca are sure where not lost raven ask,
.no where not where right where we should be, bianca was worred, .
bianca am tired can we rest now. may was the youngest of the goup. .i think we all should rest sis i mean look at them there tired. ,bianca knew she was right,
.all right everybody let rest, .everyone was tired. .kaa came out of the bushse he blast his spirales eyes at everyone. .they were mizermez by his eye,
awww 5 futures meal wahahahahaha now my girls you want to stay in the jungle you want to stay in the jungle. .yes master we want to stay in the jungle they we love the jungle, theyall said.

But then he was faced with a terrible realization. He couldn't eat them all. Well, he could. But he wanted to savor them. That didn't stop alex from wanting to eat. He had to eat. His stomach growled with the need. Kaa put his tail on raven's shoulders. "Should I have.. deer.. or bird tonight?" He asked with a small snicker. He then turned his face upon the cub who called herself raven the monkey. Monkeys looked almost like girlcubs. He chose his meal. The monkey-cub was going to be his meal. "What'sss your name, little monkey-cub?" He asked the uncertain looking girl. raven looks at Kaa and grins some. "raven, sir." sHe replied to the snake. "raven.. ? Well, come with me raven.. We can be friendsss. Your friend needsss help." Kaa led raven away from the others and to the small lake they were just at. "Go into the water, remove your clothsss." she obeys without question and after removing her dress, she slipped into the water and looks ahead at the trees.

Kaa loved it when girlcubs weren't clothed. Cloths gave him some indigestion. He moves his body, going into the water and coiling around his prey. There was no need to crush the life out of the cub. All he recieved was a small giggle from the girl. "You like thisssss?" He asked. she only nodded to the snake. He knew they were to far away, in case raven try to call them 4 help. Kaa would enjoy this meal. No stopping him. He knew his enemies were on the other side of the jungle. Nothing will stop his meal this time. He kept his prey pinned, the water was shallow so his prey was half out of the water. Kaa licked at the cub's face. Her taste was delicious! Kaa finally removed a few coils, leaving only two to pin his arms and legs. "It was nice meeting you, raven." He said. The girl's grin just widened, even after that mouth opened for her. Kaa let his jaw unhinge, making some popping sounds. He took the girl's head into his mouth, not much work. Kaa was so big, there will be no problem swallowing this girlcub down. He licked all over the girl's head, matting her purple hair down. All the while, racen just stared into the pink, warm mouth until it got dark. It felt comfortable though, warm, wet but inviting. Kaa worked over the girl's neck, shoulders, slowly swallowing her. The cub made a small lump in the serpent's throat. raven could only see darkness now, still it was nice. It was like slipping into a warm wet hamick that wrapped her up.
Kaa moved her slowly out of the water and onto the shore, resuming his slow swallows. He was slowly working over her shoulders, chest and then down to her stomach, removing his coils sense the girl was not waking up from the trance anytime soon. raven was half inside and her arms pinned by her friend's body. Kaa continued to swallow. There was no hope if help didn't come soon. Slowly Kaa swallowed again, sending the girl's stomach to join his body. He felt the slight wiggles and guessed the cub was just trying to get comfortable. He worked slowly over the little rump, theighs and slowly her legs were swallowed. Her little wiggling knees and feet stuck cutely out of his mouth. Kaa tilted himself back. He let gravity with the girl, rehinging his jaws that cut off any hope of the girl even attempting to escape. Finally he swallowed her knees and then last his feet. raven was no more then a human shaped bulge traveling down his throat and stopping at his stomach to be digested. raven was nothing but snake food now. Kaa patted the lump that wiggled happily in his belly. "You were tassty, raven. You will last me a few dayss. . Kaa just patted his belly with his tail. "Indeed a good dinner for me." He licks his maw at the remaining taste of raven. "Monkeysss are one of my favorite mealsss after all." He said. The lump finally stopped wiggling, giving into the darkness. Kaa made sure to hide the cloths and evidence the girl existed, deep under the sand in the water. It will be months before the cloths would probably float up to the surface. "Don't worry. Your friendsss will join you in no time." He said, knowing the girl couldn't hear. Kaa was slower now but he had all the time to get back to the other tasty morsels. He saw them, still there with their grins. "Cubsss.. you will not remember raven, forget she existed. Only remember Kaa wasss nice to you. Sssleep now.. dream" He was gone soon after, leaving the cubs to sleep and forget all about raven.

Chapter 2: Breakfast For Kaa.

Days went by sense the cubs forgot about their friend, raven. They didn't remember the girl who was a monkey at all. They did remember the nice snake and now they belong to kaa. . No signs of homesickness . bianca is trying to brake kaa spell but she could not .
Kaa had finally digested the last of his raven meal and was on the move again to get some more. These cubs still stayed in the jungle? Kaa knew this month must be lucky. He licked his lips. He eyed bianca the from water he layed half in. He knew she was trying to brake the spell and he didn't want his future meals to be going back. He heard his stomach growl again. He grins. . She will be a good snack for him. He moved after bianca when she said she had to go to the bathroom. He didn't watch her go but he was there when she pulled her cloths back up. Her eyes looked into his swirling ones and she was his again without a hard time. He grins then looks at the other cubs who couldn't see the snake. "Tell them you will be awhile." He whispers. bianca grins and looks at the others. "I will be awhile. Go on ahead! I will catch up!" She said. The cubs were oblivious that she will never catch up or be seen again.
"Now breakfast.. you should ssstrip down and hide your clothsss. You won't need them where you are going." He said. She obeyed him and went to hide her cloths. "Good. Now letsss go up in the tree, shall we?" He moved up in the tree, coiling around Shanti to help her up. He looks around, no danger of losing his soon to be bianca Meal. He looks at the girl-cub who stared back at him. ".she liking the feeling of his coils around her, keeping her warm. Kaa licks at her face. "Down you go, bianca." He whispers. His mouth ..
opens to show her where her new home is. His jaw made a popping sound to unhinge and he took her head in, tasting her flesh. She was tastier then the last meal he had. He worked over her slowly, hearing her giggle and almost try and push her own body in so he could swallow more of her. He wondered why she acted like that but was happy for the help as he swallowed over her shoulders and moving down her body. Her arms were pinned to her side in the snake's throat. She still tried to help Kaa swallow her. Kaa guessed this is what some call Willing. She was good. He finally helped bring her body up with his snake body and swallowed down that rump and wiggling legs. He let her go down and let the lump hang, rocking his meal around softly. "She was sso wanting to be in my sstomach.. interesssting.." He whispers. He liked her wiggling as she sleep, . she was moveing around just to make Kaa hiss in bliss. How he loved his prey when it wiggled. He knew the lack of air will soon make her go unconcious, so he savored her wiggles until the wiggling lump no longer moved and waited to be digested. "Indeed a good month for me.." He whispers.
The kids hadn't seen bianca for that whole day and only guessed that she was lost. They never would have thought to look for a large snake with a bianca sized lump in his belly, laying up in the tree. Another few days and he will be on the hunt for the remaining three meals.

Chapter 3: A Willing Meal.

alex was meant to be a leopard. She had loved leopards, she even had a leopard dress. She followed her two remaining friends. "Its been two weeks.. should we go and see if bianca is alright?" She asked. May and mary look back at her then at eachother. mary sighs. "I will go back. If I'm not back, well. It means something got me and won't let me go." mary went off. sHe was used to running. sHe did wish she was a bird though, able to fly high and look down on the valley below. But she was a deer now, running fast and free with her antlers for her pride. Well the antlers were just sticks in reality but that didn't stop her from imagining. sHe finally stopped, getting a scent of sweet fruit. He breathed a bit hard and needed a rest. So she went right over the where the fruit trees were. They were mangos. sHe stopped quickly once she saw the large snake laying on the open grass. sHe took a closer look and then smiled. It was the snake from awhile back. The one that complimented them. He was a nice snake. "Hello again, snake sir. Um. Are they fruit trees?" sHe asked, looked at the fruit with some hunger in her green eyes.
Kaa hadn't thought a cub would come to him. He hadn't eaten in two weeks. He was waiting to feed his hunger. Yet here another was, coming to him. He smirks and looks at the one that was supposed to be a deer. He thought of the tasty deer that he sometimes ate. A girl cub pretending to be a deer sounds tasty. He heard the question and nods. Why not lie? "Yess. But, you can have as much fruit assss you want, little deer." He complimented. sHe saw mary's grin. This cub was just like a fawn, gullible. He saw the man-cub pick, peel and eat the fruit. The poor little girl was unaware of the danger that the snake gave off. He moved over to his prey and wrapped his coils around her. she showed no sign of fear, thinking that Kaa was hugging her. Kaa licks his lips. He wanted to play with the girl. Playing with your food is good. "Hey.. Whatsss your name. Do you want to play a game?" He asked.
mary was young and gullible indeed. sHe looked up from her half eaten mango and up at the snake that had coiled her in a hug. "My name is mary. I will be the best deer in the jungle. Yes. I would love to play a game." sHe said with a smile. mary loved games. .
"Well. mary.. my name is Kaa.. hmm, how about you lay down. Take off your dress.." looked at Kaa with a confused face. "Itsss part of the game." He said. mary finally nodded and took off the brown dress. . "Now. Lay flat. You will like thisss." Kaa says. The girl lays on her back without question. Kaa then decided it was time to eat his first, non hypnotized meal. He opened his mouth to take in those little feet into his mouth, licking at them for taste and to tickle the girl, trying to show it as if it was a game.
mary saw the snake take her feet in and was about to ask something before her feet were tickled, then she laughed. "Hey! Stop that snakey!"sHe laughs. sHe felt that warm, wet mouth on her feet and wiggled her toes as they were pulled by those throat muscles, beginning what mary thought was a game. ,sHe never knew how much danger she was really in. Her friends were to far away to help. But if she called for help then perhaps something would come and help him. But she wasn't crying for help, instead. sHe stared with interest as her legs started to get swallowed up. "Kaa.. that feels strange. I've never played this game before." sHe knew Kaa couldn't answer. But in a way, this felt nice. Those throat muscles massaged her legs. Kaa made it up to the girl's knees, trapping her legs in his throat. The girl also seemed to like this. Kaa only guessed that no one in the village taught the children that snakes could devour people. Then again, no one knew Kaa existed that was a man. Those that found out were never seen again. mary looked at the snake, interested. sHe liked this game. sHe didn't know the whole point of the game was Kaa was getting a meal that was so willing. mary only moved some to get in a more comfortable position. sHe even ate at the last of her half eaten mango.
Kaa loved the taste of his meal, the man cub was so willing. He swallowed past his knees and licked over the crotch on accident, causing the girl to let out a moan. After unhinging his lower jaw to help fit the girl in, he heard the moan and he looked at mary with a confused face but thought nothing of it as he swallowed past her rump and waist. He saw the arms move but only to pet at Kaa's head. The snake liked this girl, so gullible and so tasty like the other two had been. He finally saw those arms go back to her sides and he fit those hands and stomach into his mouth, licking at the mango flavored hands. The added flavor was good to him. He swallowed down those hands and belly into his throat. The man-cub was trapped now.
Still mary saw this as a game. sHe loved the feeling of the warm, moist throat around her body. The throat muscles pulling her down. sHe was pinned, arms at sides and legs together. sHe could only wiggle and move her fingers and toes. sHe didn't whimper at all, just showed that this was interesting. He was slowly swallowed up to her chest. Hier out side body was lifted up by Kaa and slowly gravity helped him. sHe didn't know she was snake food at all. Kaa swallowed her up, shoulders going down, the neck. mary lifted her own head back to look at the blue sky and breathe the nice air when she could. Kaa took the man cub's head into his mouth, swallowing with his mouth open. mary slide slowly down, seeing the sky go dark. The closed mouth and the sound the jaw rehinging sealed the man-cub's fate. sHe was only nourishment now. "Kaa. That was fun!" sHe said, still no danger was felt in her.
Kaa loved this willing meal. It was so gullible, just like a real deer indeed. He lay on the grassy ground with his wiggling lump. He heard the happy muffled sounds. Kaa had to laugh some. "Glad it wasss. You will be out ssoon enough. You can ssleep... my nourishment." He said to the wiggling meal in him. mary would have been confused by the word nourishment, but the soft hiss and the disappating air was making it hard to thing. sHe lay within the snake belly, warm and safe inside. sHe finally fell asleep, never to wake again. Kaa had let his meal keep the brown head band on her head, the sticks won't do any damage. His stomach was happy for another meal and he fell asleep himself, allowing his stomach to digest his meal.

Chapter 4: Two Meals.

It has been a month sense the girls stay in the jungle . Now only alex and may are still wild and didn't think on returning home. They only guessed the mary was lost. .They never found any evidence on what really happened to them or their forgotten friend, raven. How would they have known they were eaten alive by the same snake they met the night they left. Even now they didn't know they were being hunted yet again by the hungry snake. The dark scales camofloged with the trees and ground well as Kaa followed his prey silently. Tonight he will enjoy another meal. Or maybe, two meals. Who knows.
The snake finally made himself known to the two. He moved in front of them, making them jump back. He snickered. They were more alert now. Kaa moves to them. "Hello there, little onesss. I ssee you are alone. Isss it fun?" He asked his soon-to-be-meals. alex nods. May smiles. "Yes it is! We are free and part of the jungle." "Hope we never leave." alex said. That made Kaa grin. "Never leave? Well.. I can make is sso you never leave. You can be in thiss jungle forever. Be part of it and never leave again." Kaa knew they would show interest. "How can you do that?" May asked. "Hmm. I have waysss. You two ssee, itsss very ssimple. Jussst, trussst in me." He whispers to them. They looked right into his eyes and soon they were his again. May and alex's eyes reflected the many colored swirls. They were his little meals now and he could do what he wanted. He didn't get cocky though and he made sure nothing was around to disturb him. He then looked at his hypnotized victims again and grins. "Remove those clothsss. Lay down and hold eachother closse." He said to them. The two obeyed their master without question and took off eachother's cloths and lay down on the ground, holding eachother in a hug. Kaa knew he could easily do this. He moved to their heads, coiling three coils around them, pinning their arms and legs to eachother.
alex blushed some in her cheeks but just stared at her friendwho shared the same swirling eyes as her. Kaa opened his mouth wide, unhinging his jaw. He slowly put his mouth over their heads, it was easy to him. He ate things way bigger then mancubs after all. He loved their taste and tightened his coils, causing them to move closer and groan some in the coils of their master.

May felt alex so close to her, .when those coils tightened around him. sHe felt for some reason that she won't be able to do this again. sHe was feeling alex's warmth near her and groaned. They both saw the pink mouth go slowly over their heads, matting down their hair, forked tongue making their skin wet with the snake's saliva. alex moaned some. Something about this made them both have strange feelings down in their nether regions. Kaa was swallowing them up but they didn't seem to care, all they cared about was the heat between them..

Kaa swallowed slowly over their shoulders with slight ease as he savors them. These are the last two cubs of man in the jungle. So the large snake would savor them. He swallowed them slowly, unwraping a coil when he reach past their chests. He got their arms pinned within his throat after another few swallows. He stretched his mouth over their stomachs, swallowing slowly. There was no one stopping Kaa, not even the monkeys that had gathered from the tree stopped him. Instead they watched with some fear. He was soon over their rumps. Their legs started to kick a bit. He didn't know why sense they were still in the trance but that couldn't save them as he swallowed their legs, knees going down. A large bulge appearing on his long body, wiggling under those dark scales as the cubs were at the mercy of the snake king. Kaa soon was at their ankles where their feet wiggle out of his mouth cutely. He rehinged his jaw as he pulled them into his mouth, licking all over their toes. With one final gulp, May and alex were no more then just a large lump within the snake, sliding down into the gurgling belly that would be their final resting place.

Chapter 5: Indeed A Lucky Month.

Kaa did it. He swallowed all the girls that had entered the jungle. He was happy with himself. Nothing stopped him either. He was full of two cubs. He was sure they may last up to a week. Kaa was sure that even though the men of the village would come around in search of the missing girls , they will not be found. All they may find is some cloths. But there will never be a sign of the little girls again. Kaa was sure this was indeed a lucky month. He had a full belly and now was hiddening to his tree to let his two meals digest.
Maybe soon, more cubs will come and Kaa will once again have meals to enjoy. But for now, he was content with himself. He slowly began to fall into a deep sleep, dreaming of the succulent cubs and how many will soon come to the jungle again and be part of it.

the end
i thank my friend vampiricsilver 4 inspelre me to do this story she so cool for leting me doing this i thank u vampiricsilver u are good friend to have
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