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ann the  mermaid was swimming but she was hungry 4 human flesh then she spotted a women swimming. "this was her chance to eat her  then as the human swim  

ann placed her mouth over her's head and began consuming her. Slowly, her jaws made more and more progress, as she swallowed the girl up. 'the girl scream   like she was being murder

.ann mouth passed over hers. At that point, she bit the soft skin inside of her.

The bite would do nothing, as the mermaid continued passing her lips over and across her skin, devouring the girl.

The girl now just wiggled like a fish, trying to delay his inevitable progress.

,ann gulped her's neck down her own, and opened her jaws even wider to chomp on her shoulders.

she growled in pain, trying to remain firm, even in her current condition. Her bright blue hair was quickly dissapearing into the pink cavern.

Finishing her shoulder, 'as she made her way down her chest. Her arms were a bit cold. her's lady arms fit snugly into her mouth, as she made a tad more progress with her consumption.

But a new problem presented itself. her's chest taste good.

As the mermaid brought her jaws down to her's breasts, they basically paused her motions. she then simply forced her mouth onto her breasts, and let her hooked teeth grab a hold of her batching suit, so she wouldn't be forced to regurgitate her and lose quite an exquisite meal.

"I hope you choke!" she yelled, her voice muffled by the skin and muscle of the mermaid.

Paying no mind to her, the mermaid merely pressed onward with her consumption. A bit of time passed, and the mermaid made her way over her breasts, and made her way down towards her stomach..

Grinding her teeth, she struggled as much as she possibly could, with whatever she could. It didn't help.

ann went on with her feeding, as she slid down her's now-bare stomach. Her jaws move easily down her, as her teeth glided across her skin and she engulfed more of the girl into herself.

After a little while, she stopped screaming and struggling. She knew it wouldn't help her at all.

The mermaid thought to herself, "There, that's a good human."
As she fed on the girl more, she reached down to her waist. From there, she went on with her meal even more and continued onto her's thighs.

Out of reflex, her's legs kicked, feeling cold.

It was nice that she was giving resistance, after all, it made the whole experience that much more fun. She was becoming a bit annoying, but the mermaid didn't mind as she gulped up her thighs and came up to her knees.

Out of nowhere, she hooked her legs around the mermaid lips, acting like hooks, preventing further consumption.

The mermaid saw no problem with her sudden actions. she came right over her's knees and bit down as hard as she could. This would activate a very human reaction, as if a doctor had banged her knee with a small hammer to test for proper human instincts.

Her knees bobbed up, out of natural reflex, much to her's dislike.

Seizing the moment, the mermaid quickly devoured her's legs a bit more, just under her knees. It was only a matter of time, to enter her belly .

By now, she had given up all hope. She didn't care anymore and let herself get swallowed.

A minute or two passed, and ann ate up whatever was left of her. Finishing up her little toes, she gave one last gulp as she snapped her mouth shut and allowed the girl to slide down her throat and soon enter her stomach.

she smiled lightly at the great bulge in her belly. she had done it again,
a mermaid vore

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September 12, 2012
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